About Me

About Me

A Story

I wanted to introduce myself and congratulate you on your up coming wedding! My name is Rev. Jerry Drummonds or, as most seem to call me these days, “Reverend Jerry”. I would enjoy very much the opportunity of playing a role in this most important day in your life as your minister/wedding officiant. It has been my privilege to marry many (probably hundreds) couples through the years and I want you to know how highly I regard this occasion. I wish you all the best as you search out a minister to work with you.


Why Jerry?

As a minister, I will look at life from a Biblical perspective, yet I have lived long enough and been in such diverse positions in life that I will bring anything but a narrow view. 

A Broader Ministry

My experience in ministry, and working with people in business and organizations of many types, is unique due to the broad aspect of my life’s work. I have dealt with experiences at the highest corporate levels having served as a Chairman and CEO in business, yet have been taken into confidence, and maintained such, in personal counseling, marital counseling, and business counseling.