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Reverend Jerry Drummonds… where do I begin?! He is professional, understanding, flexible, and just one of the all around nicest people we’ve met while planning our wedding!!! When we were looking for an officiant I had no idea where to start or what to expect. I must have contacted 5+ officiants but Jerry was the one who caught my attention..and THANK GOD!!! I was immediately put at ease when I spoke with him on the phone and once my fiancĂ©(super hard to please) spoke with him, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he liked him already!!!! I knew then that Jerry was our guy!!!

I cannot say enough great things about Rev. Drummonds. He went out of his way for us on more than one occasion, always making sure that we were happy with what he was coming up with.

A little backstory: my fiancee and I come from completely different backgrounds, him very religious, myself not so much. But I made it clear in the beginning we would prefer a ceremony geared more to the religious aspect, which made my husband to be very pleased. Rev. Drummonds not only made us a full rough draft to look over, but he NAILED IT THE FIRST TIME!!! He took everything that I had spoken to him about and literally made sure that nothing was missed.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding and I was a mess. I couldn’t remember what I had already asked or the details of really anything at that point. We spoke to Jerry over a video chat fairly late one night and within minutes, my anxiety about timelines and cues and how everything was going to run was gone!!! He really stuck to everything we had talked about and he really took charge of the rehearsal and then again the actual ceremony and eveything ran as smoothly as it could have. Everyone was complimenting his tone of voice, delivery and overall professionalism after the ceremony.

Moral of the story: If you’re searching for an officiant who will really be straight with you and make it an easy process within your planning, Jerry should be your guy too. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

Thanks so much Jerry!!!!!

Married on 09/18/2020

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