Personal History

Jerry has always been involved in ministry having grown up in a minister's home, but it became a true way of life as he took his very first formal position in the church as a youth pastor at the age of 18.

Because he was introduced to broadcast media through his father's good friend, Jerry actually had his first broadcast job at the age of 16, so these two worlds were parallel worlds in many respects.


In the world of production, Drummonds served as executive producer of programming aired on ABC Radio, Westwood One, CBN Radio, Mutual and Armed Forces Radio, along with hundreds of independently cleared stations around the world. Drummonds has produced all formats of programming which began in the world of AOR Rock and Roll, his first nationally syndicated radio product managed by the William-Morris Agency, and carried over to many other formats through the years from Country Radio to News/Talk formats and Christian programming, a field in which he has arguably created more syndicated radio programming than anyone in America.

His production and consulting of major media specials and shows have served major companies such as Hallmark Cards, Chick-Fil-A, Budget, Target Stores, and most major Christian and secular record labels including WORD Records, BMG, RCA, SONY, Sparrow, Mercury, Integrity Music and Reunion Records. These have allowed Drummonds to have as guests such notables as: President George Bush, Truitt Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, Richard Kiel - Jaws of James Bond, Mark Farner - Grand Funk Railroad, Adolph Coors IV, Shirley Jones, Smokey Robinson, Glen Campbell, and many others.

The realization of a long-time dream came in the 1990’s as Drummonds created and exec-produced his first Country Radio weekly music show; Simple Life with Ricky Skaggs, heard on over 550 Country Radio stations world-wide with an A-List of guests second to none, becoming the second largest listening audience on country radio under the umbrella of the Nashville Media Group, a company Drummonds co-founded.

This company also produced product for promotion and syndication for major labels and corporate entities. While working with all major record labels, Nashville Media Group had the privilege to work on such notable projects as:

          • Quincy Jones – Soulful Celebration

          • The Life and Music of Johnny Mathis

          • Whitney Houston – A Reason to Be Thankful

          • Hallmark’s Celebrate Christmas featuring:

             Bob Hope, Peter Jennings, Paul Harvey, John Tesh, Sandy Patty,                     the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jodi Benson (the voice of the Little                 Mermaid) and others

From 1992 to 2005, Drummonds was involved with the creation of Shiloh Communications, a company who consulted specialty projects that included the launch of Discovery Radio through Discovery Health on XM Satellite Radio and Homeland Security communications projects.

Shiloh served multiple companies through the years such as Elli Lilly, Lockheed-Martin, Discovery Networks, Encyclopedia Britannica, AARP, SCRA with regard to Homeland Security training and communications, and multiple other Fortune 500 companies.

During this period, Shiloh created the brand and programming treatment for Encyclopedia Britannica, headquartered in Chicago, in preparation for release of the Britannica Channel.

Drummonds also served on multiple US Government grant panels as a reviewer for communications and at risk health education programs for the family on behalf of Health and Human Services as a paid consultant.


There came a time when Jerry felt the need to focus on ministry and he returned to full-time service in the church. Feeling the need to leave the “Row” and complete a circle that began early on in his life, Drummonds returned to school in 1994 in Western New York through a denominational school of the Wesleyan Church, Houghton College, and while serving as Senior Pastor at Faith Wesleyan Church in Buffalo, finished his ordination educational requirements in 1998, where he held his ministerial credentials until moving to California and the Pacific Southwest District of the Wesleyan Church.

While at Faith Wesleyan Church, the church grew recognizing its largest growth in membership in any five year period of its 65 year history, purchased extended property and a new parsonage, remodeled most of the church plant, as well as many other good reports of work in the ministry. However, the reaching of a soul and a changed life became the true measuring stick of ministry for Jerry, and his time at FWC saw many come to the kingdom for the first time.

It was there in Buffalo that Jerry had a life changing experience while visiting a cancer patient in the hospital. Through the experience of walking on a journey to the end with that dear life, and watching God battle for that soul, that Jerry saw the heightened importance of a life changed and of playing whatever role was chosen for him in support of God’s efforts to lead a life toward heavenly safety.

The need to minister and witness directly to others as they face life’s greatest choices, challenges, victories and trials toward the life-changing message of the Lord Jesus is the core to fulfillment to the ministerial aspect for Jerry. This is where true personal spiritual growth comes for Jerry, and for all of us for that matter, as we share our faith with others using the giftings God has uniquely given us.

Jerry has lived in the Sacramento area for nearly ten years and has deeply enjoyed working with many couples in the establishing of their new lives together as husband and wife.